How a tiny Bug can have a BIG Impact?!

December 25th, 2021


Software Bugs Are Like Mini Outages

Slack crashed on the Monday! Facebook suffered an outage of about six hours! These are expensive problems. According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute.

If issues like these affect Mega corporate in that way, imagine what’s like for your startup with low resources and a small piece of the cake, it can hit you hard. 

in this blog post, we’ll provide 3 lessons learned from Marsool’s notification bug that can be of help to your startup whether you’re A startup Co-Founder/Founder or a CTO.
Software Bug
On 22nd September 2020, users of Marsool’s Application were surprised by too many notifications at once from Marsool’s app. Later Marsool announced an apology about the bug that caused some of its users to uninstall the application. Marsool is one of the largest delivery platforms in the region.
This Notification Bug might seem like a tiny error but it’s not. This bug costs Marsool a lot in different areas, for starters the users who left the application lead to a loss in revenue, a hit to Marsool’s Brand reputation and the cost of fixing the bug after the release.


Here are 3 lessons learned from Marsool’s Notification bug that will be helpful for your startup:

Testing matters as much as development Or Even more!

Developing a new Web Application or Mobile Application for your startup is important because it makes your idea exist and alive, so is Software Testing. Why Does Software Testing Matters?
Testing matters because software is complex. Increasingly complex as the technology connects and integrates with so many other mind-boggling ‘things’. Testing matters because bugs will exist, like it or not, and whilst in theory, any can find a bug, testers are the ones that will have the time and knowledge to help you have the confidence to release

User Experience is crucial to a business's success.

When you offer an Awesome User Experience on Your Web-App or Mobile-App, that means users will keep coming back and will amplify the Word out among their peers which in return impacts highly in your revenue stream and increases your brand reputation.

Handling A PR Crisis in hard times

When a crisis happens, it’s very important to know how to manage and control the situation fast and effectively. Marsool’s response to the notification was such a great example as it explained the situation, provided an apology and it was quick.

Apology after bug
Software Bugs happen all the time, but good testing increases the chance of stopping them from getting through

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